Monday, March 29, 2010

so, shoes...

The other day I ventured forth into the land of retail to begin the search for wedding weekend attire. Since expanding in size I loathe shopping for clothes, but necessity called. I came home with three dresses (or two dresses and one "outfit"). The wedding outfit itself may be replaced with something of better quality and fit, but will do. The two above are in contention for the bridesmaids lunch. First let me say that they look shorter than they are. They come to just above the knee. And the first one I tried on for a lark--it just didn't look like, you know, me! The colors, especially. But it sure enough came home with me, so there you are. The second one looks in the picture like a blue and black nbumber, but in fact the darker color is chocolate brown.

So. Shoes. Can I get away with black for both? I hear an excited little voice in my head say, "color! go with color!" to accompany the, um, colorful dress. I see the point. My challenge is that a foot injury requires me to wear flats or a very modest heel (sure, just try to find that in today's shoe market!). Then there's potential cost (ouch). I have black flats. I'm not trying to talk myself into black, don't get me wrong. It's the rare opportunity to be in something other than black, and seizing the day, or the color as the case may be, sounds like good mental health. I just want some opinions on this other than my own.

So jump in. What shoes would you wear with these outfits?
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Jayne said...

Oh, I'd definitely go for the colorful flowers and wear the black flats! Bust out girl! It's SO YOU! ;c)

KimQuiltz said...

I'm not a good fashion consultant when it comes to details, but I must say, I LOVING those dresses!

One is whimsy with a touch of elegance and the other is elegance with a touch of whimsy. Doesn't get any better than that!

The Bug said...

I love BOTH dresses. I'd go with the black flats on the flowery one (it's busy enough on its own - in a good way!) & try to find that pretty blue for the other dress or a dark brown. Not black, since the dress isn't black.

Not that I'm a fashion maven myself!

Teresa Bolton said...

I live in Birkenstocks, so that answers your question about flat heels for me. I definitely think black would be perfect for the colorful dress! Dark brown for the other dress. But I do love both of those dresses!

Terri (AKA Mompriest) said...

I have lots of luck finding great little kitten heel shoes, open toe kind, at various discount shoe stores. some of my favorite aren't even leather - but look it. And I think I bought them on sale for, oh, some price that I could not under $20.00. So, first do you have a place like "Shoe Carnival" in your area? Or a DSW (although I have less luck at DSW).

Secondly - I'd wear black or a color with print dress, which is very cute! and I'd wear chocolate or blue shoes with the other dress. I'd aim for a low heel, like the kitten heel or a flat with a a rise at the heel.

All in all it sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Jan said...

Great dresses and I'm impressed with sleeveless ones! Black shoes would look good--and also for future use.

BTW, your crockpot recipe tasted wonderful! I've even ordered the cookbook, from that recommendation. Thanks.

Jules said...

LOVE the dresses! Go for the flats and try payless for some chocolate brown ones...I got my favorite and most comfortable shoes ever there!

Janet M said...

Love the dress choices they both look like keepers. I would wear the black with the flowered dress and try and find a chocolate brown for the second dress.
Nice dresses!

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