Wednesday, March 17, 2010

where's your green?

of course there are sheep in this picture, what did you expect!

A happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all! Now that I've discovered I'm a wee bit more Irish than I thought, this day is even more fun than before! Who doesn't love a day when you don't have to worry about making a choice about wardrobe? Truly, we need more days like this. Pentecost and St. Pat's are not enough. (Sporting events don't count.) There's a whole rainbow out there waiting to be represented!

There's more Welsh blood in my veins than previously thought, too. Wasn't the feast of St. David a little while ago? (I just looked it up--March 1. Jayne!)) Time to make it a day for celebrating. Yellow, I believe, is the color--daffodils!

Let's make this fun. What "day" on the calendar would you like to see get more attention? What color would be associated with it, and how would the day be celebrated? Go wild!

On a more sober note. Did you know that St. Patrick was a slave in Ireland for six years before escaping and sailing off to France? He chose to return years later as a priest and bishop to a place that had to have been associated with enormous pain, and there converted the folk of Ireland to Christianity (as is well known). The guy had guts, but he also had great humility. He must have been an extraordinary person, and clearly compassion and mercy were among his virtues. Sigh. What a model. He deserves better than green beer. But I'm ever so thankful that he had the good sense to banish snakes.

Happy Day!


The Bug said...

Beautiful picture! I'll share it with Dr. M of course (he of the sheep obsession). I think we should all wear black on April 15 :)

Jules said...

Have a great St. Pat's!

Genie said...

I always wear red on St. David's Day, since much of my maternal heritage is Welsh :-). Yellow's a good day for the first day of spring, tho, which isn't too much later!

Jan said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Jayne said...

St. David's Day on March 1! Who knew? :c)

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