Monday, March 08, 2010

look at this face!

Is this not a face any Nana would love? Well it just so happens that I'm the lucky Nana who gets to love this face. This is our grandson, Cross, four months old. We have not yet met him, but look forward to doing so at the end of April at Junior and Trisha's wedding. I can hardly contain myself. We will also get to see Luke, who will be closing in on two and a half when we see him. He was six weeks-old the last time I held him in my arms, so this will be a huge heart moment for this Nana to see her grandsons. My tears are flowing just thinking about being with them. Imagine the unstoppable joy when it happens for real. Somebody remind me to pack the kleenex.
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Jayne said...

What a cutie pie! Indeed, pack Kleenex. :c)

Mompriest said...

yes....absolutely the cutest!

Jan said...

Darling! I am jealous, as I only have grand-dogs and no grandchildren yet. Someday put a picture up of Luke, too!

KimQuiltz said...

Such a face, indeed!! The cute little snookums already has "jestingly sardonic" down to a TEE!

sunny said...

Oh, he is tooo cute!! Do NOT forget to pack the tissues!!


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