Saturday, April 17, 2010

the countdown begins

At the moment I begin to type this post it is exactly "T" minus 48 hours until we depart for the long-awaited Wedding Event. Wahoo! I am feeling a parent's lament for Trisha one week before her wedding. Preparations have veen fraught with pitfalls here and there. The budget took a hit. Items anticipated need to be cut. The details alone are enough to make one nuts, but stir into that disappointments and frustrations and, well, you can imagine this isn't feeling fun for her. I so wish that Ken and I were closer so that we could be helpful in practical ways. We will have to suffice with what we can do from afar.

My plans have suffered their own setback, through my own fault. The centerpieces I had planned will not work out, all because of the facility requirement that there be no open flame. I had forgotten that detail, since when I read the requirements I had no idea what our centerpieces would be. Over time they changed so much that I quickly lost track of what could or couldn't be done! Hurricanes to encase the candles I had planned to use are too big to fit into the centerpiece container that was intended to be the focus. I am now forced to drop back and punt, with two days left before departure. Crap! Back to the drawing board with simplicity in mind, and a total alteration to how the decor was shaping up. What a fun day I have ahead of me!

I have faith, however, that all will be well. I have an idea in mind that I think will work. Time to do some google searching to locate what I would like to use. Maybe the Georgia Bulldogs will have a place in this after all!

I will gladly accept prayers of support (among them that I find the Hobby Lobby receipt) and any suggestions along the way. In the meantime I hope your weekend is filled with good things. Prayers of thanksgiving are said for all of you!
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Jayne said...

Well, it just wouldn't be a wedding if everything went according to plan. :c) I know you will come up with a great alternative solution and regardless, the event will be filled with love and joy!

The Bug said...

Oh these wedding details are annoying! I know everything will work out - it may not be what was planned, but it will be lovely I'm sure!

Jules said...

Hopeful that all plans come together and you can enjoy the event! Safe journey my friend.

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