Tuesday, April 06, 2010

nose to the grindstone

I used to be really good about organizing my files and recording data for use compiling taxes. Somewhere along the line all that went to you-know-what in a hand basket. So today I am sorting through records and papers trying to assemble our tax form to take to the accountant. It is my hope to complete this task today, but who knows? My head is down and I'm in gear to transfer numbers and figures to forms. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have something to write that will be worth reading!


The Bug said...

I'm amused that Dr. M is the one who does our taxes (using Turbotax) since I'm the one with the accounting degree. He has a better head for the big picture than I do. For some reason that makes him better at getting that task done.

We owed a lot this year, because last spring he was working three part time jobs & none of them were withholding Federal tax. We knew this was going to come back & bite us so we're not surprised. So glad he now has this ONE job!

Kip said...

I finally gathered all my stuff last week and dropped it off to the CPA, she had it done by this past Monday and I get my money Friday!! Good thing as my car AC went out! Good luck on yours!

Jan said...

Good for you. CB does ours, which I am most grateful for.

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