Monday, April 12, 2010

trendy, as always!

The latest in fracture fashion! The break is on the fifth metatarsal (the bone in your hand that connects to your pinky), and my doctor recommended this splint. Four weeks! I may keep it on for the rehearsal dinner but I don't plan to wear it at the wedding! You have no idea how hard it was to take this picture using my left hand--I've got a digital slr (think "old clunky model") and the shutter is on the top right. All in all this didn't turn out too badly. There are definitely things that are difficult to do while wearing this--like taking photographs with the left hand--but generally I've got a fair amount of mobility.

Just wanted to do a quick reporting in. I wish after the absence of writing for a few days that I had all sorts of fun or profound things to say but alas, the well is dry. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime good wishes to you all. Thanks for stopping by!


The Bug said...

Poor Anne! I'm so sorry this had to happen... When I had my shoulder surgery & learned to do all SORTS of things left handed - but it wasn't much fun.

Amy said...

You are going through almost exactly what I went through almost two years ago - same splint, same hand. I just celebrated my 63rd birthday and I have to say, even with the age factor, I healed fairly quickly. Two weeks out I drove 200 miles to take care of my brother for a week. I was able to function with the splint and without it. I think your plan to not wear the splint is doable for sure.

Today, the only time I'm reminded (painfully) is when I try to turn the front door knob a certain way, and opening lids occasionally. Our bodies are amazing in their capacity to heal. So hang in there!

Jayne said...

Well, I am sending up thanks that you were not casted and/or did not require surgery...whew! Still, not the best thing to have happen just before the wedding. So sorry for the new fashion accessory!

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