Thursday, April 15, 2010

my sonnet

I wrote this sonnet in response to a challenge on (in)courage. We were invited to write an English sonnet about spring.

I have long contended that winter sunsets are more brilliant than those in other seasons (not that there aren’t brilliant sunsets in other seasons, they're just not as frequent, proportionately!). The colors strike me as more vivid and sharp. I reflected, recently, that this extra boldness of color in wintertime was a way to “bookmark” the life and color of the other seasons until they returned. It was that reflection that inspired this sonnet.

The dark and death of winter’s landscape lies
Across the yearning heart of courage born;
While in the quiet of the fading skies
A swath of color lifts the soul forlorn.

Bold stripes of golden hues and tangerine
Array themselves amongst the clouds that shine
With teasing hints of rose and aubergine;
The promise of renewal so divine.

Then, yielding to the buds that lie in wait
The dull and dormant days gives way to life.
Bright blooms and songbirds do the heart elate
And put to rest the lengthy season’s strife.

The glowing days of spring with colors bright
With ease call forth our laughter and delight.


KimQuiltz said...

Yay!!!!!! What beauty, what inspired beauty! Funny thing, I was just looking at winter sunset photos from my own files and hopped on over here to read a poem about it. Perfect start to my day (even though you weren't there to greet me with your coffee on facebook *g*) ha!

The Bug said...

Just beautiful! You're pretty good at this sonnet thing. Hmmm - maybe for my next Magpie tale I'll attempt one myself.

Donna said...

The rhythm of your sonnet brings a smile to my face. I "see" your words.

Jayne said...

Just beautiful! Who knew you were such a poet? :c) XOXO

Robin said...

Bravo!!! {{golf applause}}

Color me impressed with your ability to find a word that rhymes with tangerine! You've painted a wonderful story in just 14 lines and you've made it look easy!

Thank you SO much for participating in April's Creative Challenge at (in)courage! You MIGHT just wanna take a look at the original post to see "who" won the $25 giftcard!!! ;)

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Ooops...trying again. I can't remember what email address to use!

(Robin ~ PENSIEVE, author of the Creative Challenge at (in)courage.)

Pamela said...

a winner, indeed!

songbirds.. I'm so glad you mentioned them! I've enjoyed watching for my favorites to migrate -- still waiting to see my first hummingbird of the season.

Rachel Clark said...

Congratulations! What a great sonnet. Woooohoooo!!!!

kevon said...

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