Wednesday, April 07, 2010

happy dance x n!

It's a joy! joy! happy day! And girlfriends (and guys, too), my virtual dancing shoes are on and I'm hitchin' my skirt for some high-stepping!

1) Taxes are done. Yay!!!! As soon as I publish this post I will be downloading bank statements for the first three months of this year and get set up for an easy-breezy tax season next time around!

2) I have a dress for the wedding! After leaving the accountant's office I decided to pop down the road to "Brides on a Budget." I think the merchandise is gently worn or something, but for a small shop they have an amazing number of lovely things. I found only one dress in my size that was worth trying on, and it came home with me! Fit like a glove and was half price. That's my kind of luck! (Picture Julie Andrews kicking up her heals do the tune of "I have confidence!" Guitar optional.)

3) The window is finally unstuck in my office and I've been enjoying the most delicious breeze in here all day long. Color me wispy and wistful as it blows my hair out of place!

4) While sorting through various piles and papers in preparation for doing taxes I discovered that there were lots of recipes in the mix. Hmmm. One might think I like to cook or something. So here's the thing. There's a photo challenge on I heart Faces from earlier this week that suggests we document a baking event. Ordinarily I don't bake much. Ken can't have sugar (and sorry, Splenda just isn't the same), and I try to keep my consumption of sweets to a minimum. But every now and then I get the bug, or have an occasion, or think about sending a care package (I should do more than think--I should bake!). This Easter week I'm sorting of taking the week off, and now that the onus of taxes is behind me, I feel quite liberated and ready to, well, dance! And bake! And perhaps try out another recipe that now sits in a pile of similar wannabes just itching to come to life.

5) A friend of mine called earlier to let me know that she was doing a closet purge (the lucky gal has lost 15 pounds!) and wondered if I would be interested in some of her cast-offs. Let me think about that. Yes! She has good taste in clothes and takes good care of them, so this was a no-brainer. Best of all, I'm keeping about ten of the items she dropped off a couple of hours ago--colorful, some have black (that's a clergy mandate), and they fit. I was getting so tired of polo shirts. Thanks, Yo!

6) Ken was at the Habitat for Humanity Restore earlier today, and came home with great news. A load of the oddly shaped mega-bricks popular for use in retaining walls was due in to the store. These aren't cheap, about $2 per brick at your local HD or Lowes. I've been hankering after a load of them to make a garden around one of the trees in our front yard, but the price was prohibitive in our present circumstances. Until now! Ken has Most Favored Donor status at the Restore, and we'll get them for about 25 cents each. Wahooo!!! I'm dancing on the retaining wall!

What's making you dance today? What's that? Feeling a bit grumpy? Nah, nothing like a little dancing with friends to get the blood going and bring oxygen into your lungs for some extra pep and a bounce in your step. Come on, step lively! That's the spirit!
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Terri (AKA Mompriest) said...

I took a pilates class this morning, that was fun!

Jan said...

I'm dancing as I get ready for my trip to NM!

You have lots to celebrate. So glad you found a dress for the wedding. That eliminates some stress! I'm glad you got clothes that are new for you. Fun, fun.

The Bug said...

You're a nut. I've been feeling grumbly lately (thus no recent post). But I just may have to change my attitude!

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