Wednesday, April 14, 2010

waving from the mountaintop!

It was a beautiful evening last night as we began our clergy colloquium here at St. Mary's Center in Sewanee, TN. The red bud is just passing peak, and the dogwood are about the same. The views from St. Mary's, of course, are divine and awe-inspiring. I love being here, although there is no A/C so when it gets hot, I'm better off just popping in for a visit! Today there are cool breezes coming through the screened doors, and a pollen-filled haze constricts the air as well as the view.
The colloquium has been thought-provoking, catalysed by three presentations by Stephen Fowl, a professor of new testament at Loyola University in Baltimore. He focused on the role of scripture in the Christian life, and we spent some time discussing the implications for Christian community. Very interesting.

We have a free afternoon, and I've decided to dedicate that time to a challenge posted on (in)courage, a blog I visit: write an English sonnet about spring. Last night while watching the sun set I began to get an idea of what I wanted to write in that sonnet, so I intend to seize the time and the inspiration and go for it. It nothing else, I will have exercised a little creative muscle in the effort.

But first I wanted to drop in and say a quick hello so you didn't think I'd forgotten you. Hold the fort while I'm away from the computer!
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Terri (AKA Mompriest) said...

Oh...I love that place, St. Mary's...I was there in the middle of July - HOT - but actually I was at Sewanee during the day for EFM mentor training and only at St. Mary's at night - so once the sun went down it got nice and cool - I'll never forget the frogs or toads or bullfrogs - really loud, but really cool! ENJOY!

Jayne said...

Glad you are enjoying your time there. Looking forward to hearing your sonnet!

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