Tuesday, April 13, 2010

morning's glory

Our kitchen window affords us the only view from indoors of a small collection of lilies iris (I really did know this--thanks, Dana, for the catch!) that sprang up along the front sidewalk. Like the lone daffodil that bloomed several weeks ago, these spires have multiplied to bloom into a lovely showing for the eye. They are in shade and sun at various times of the day, and the other morning I tried to capture them in the glow of early light. They come up right against the edge of the sidewalk, and I'm not sure how they got there. There is no evidence of a garden bed along that side of the walk, and no other blooms decorate the area on the other side where a garden has been established. Okay, established is an overstatement. There's some crappy soil and some attempts on our part to work some improvement into that soil. I still have to get some plants in there.

Today I am off to Sewanee for a couple of days for a clergy gathering. The days are getting crunched for final rehearsal dinner details. Yesterday I found shoes for the wedding (my own black shoes are just too beat up!), and by chance some shoes for the bridesmaid lunch! I wasn't looking for any to wear to that, but I happened upon these, and well, they just made sense. Photos later, but don't hold your breath--I would not want to be responsible for anyone passing out because they awaited my latest fashionista purchases!

I also colored my hair last night. The grayer I get the more obvious the contrast is when I do this, and even I am needing some time to adjust. But the color matches my natural color and is just more flattering. According to me. This morning I'm taking care of a few other details before heading off to the mountain. I'm hoping that I get there in time to photograph the "Rebel's Roost" at the University, whose front porch is draped in wisteria. It's a cool look.

I think there's an internet connection at St. Mary's, and this time I will take my computer. There might be opportunity to post. Until the next time, be well, friends, and thanks for checking in.


The Bug said...

Beautiful! Love the purple... I think they're irises though - although for all I know irises are a type of lily :)

Have fun!

Terri (AKA Mompriest) said...

beautiful...I love how flowers do this, just pop up in unexpected places...enjoy your time at Sewanee...it's so beautiful there!

Jayne said...

My iris will be up soon I hope. Those huge purple ones are beautiful! Hey, I say that there is nothing to lift your spirits like a little color on your hair! :c) Be safe on your trip and have fun on the mountain.

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