Monday, April 05, 2010

monday miscellany

  • Our sunrise service yesterday was fun. Seriously! The sun broke the plane of the horizon just as the service began. Don't you love it? It was chilly. 45 degrees. By the time we got to communion the paten and chalice were so cold! We had a good turnout, and I think I preached one of my best Easter sermons. I love Lent (no, really, I do!). I love Holy Week. I love Easter. I'm so glad all of that is over.
  • A winter wreath is still hanging on the front door. It needs to come down. Maybe today.
  • My plans for the week are to be a Domestic Diva Extraordinaire. The house is a total wreck. Dust rules supreme, though dog hair might trump the dust. My work is cut out for me.
  • If the weather remains pleasant (i.e. doesn't get much above 70 without a pleasant breeze) I will try to get some weeding done. The weeds trump the dog hair and the dust.
  • I'm allergic to heat and humidity (yes, that's exactly why I live in the south!).
  • Junior has a new job! He'll be going to Fort Benning (Columbus, GA), full time active duty National Guard to do training. I believe a promotion comes with the gig.
  • I'm thrilled for Junior--one of his best friends from his Ranger unit is at Benning, the husband half of the couple at whose wedding Junior and Trisha met. This means Trisha already knows someone there! I have no idea if this affects his scheduled deployment next January, but I suspect that is still on track (bummer).
  • The wedding is less than three weeks away!
  • Taxes loom. Ugh.
  • The church was beautiful yesterday, and the fragrance of those glorious flowers was delightful without being overpowering.
  • It's time for a closet purge.
  • I received my first set of hand tracings. Yay!
  • Breakfast calls.
  • Have a fabulous Easter Monday!


The Bug said...

I need to be domestic too. I did a couple of things this weekend, but not nearly enough LOL!

Hands! Gah! I've got to send myself an email at home to remember!

Teresa Bolton said...

Purged my closet yesterday! Whew! I am also allergic to heat and humidity - if it is above 70 degrees, it is HOT!!! And it is 87 here in the Tarheel state today in early April. I am NOT HAPPY!!!

Jan said...

I like bullets for the brevity of info. Thanks. Three weeks till the wedding--wow! Diva-away this week.

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