Thursday, April 08, 2010

rehearsal dinner plans, take 6

The days are waning! Another ten days and we'll be on the road to Melrose for some pre-wedding R&R (such as can be) and then the Big Event will be here! RD details are quite well in hand and there only minor things still to address.

One of them deals with ice-breaking activities. At the suggestion of a wedding consultant (thanks, Dana!) we've decided to play "The Almost Newlywed Game!" Now to come up with questions for the bride and groom! Help!!! I'm good at this kind of thing when I'm in a group and can feed off other people's energy and creativity in this regard. Then I get on a roll. But I am lacking the sufficient real life community for that task at the moment, however, so I'm asking for your help. What fun and only slightly embarrassing questions can we come up with to challenge our honored guests? And what would be some good ways to involve and/or reward the other guests for participating in some way?

Do you have other ideas about fun things to do? I'm all ears! And thank you!
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Mary Beth said...

what is his/her favorite breakfast?

what would he/she NEVER wear?

what is his/her phobia?

ugh, I'm no good at this. but will nominate this for Weds. festival and see if you can get some ideas there!

The Bug said...

I've got nothing - I bookmarked it to come back after I thought for a while, but thinking didn't help. Sorry! If something comes to mind I'll come back & comment...

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