Saturday, January 28, 2006

last lap!

This road-weary traveler is on her last day of activity and travel before she will land home tonight. I am more than ready to get those slippers on (though I do travel with a pair), climb into my sweats (and yes, I travel with those, too), and lounge with a glass of wine, dogs snuggled up or within reach, and my honey within reach, too!

Just now I need to scramble to get some breakfast, load up the car and get over to the church for today's opening eucharist and day two of our diocesan convention. So far, no blood-letting, but the evidence of manipulation sat in the pew in front of me yesterday, and then sat next to me, so I all too aware of its presence. Sigh. Come, Holy Spirit, come!

Looking forward to being back in touch. Miss you all!

1 comment:

samtzmom said...

Miss you too dearest... Be safe heading home.


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