Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Say goodnight, Santa

Or is it Shepherd? This is my latest Christmas decoration, a gift this year from my friend Kathy. I LOVE this decoration. If you don't already know this about me, I have this thing about sheep. I think they're cute, adorable, irresistable (and yes, I know, they're dumb and smelly), and I collect them. Kathy and I were doing some shopping before Christmas when we both saw this, and she very kindly indulged me with the gift of this unique decoration. I don't know how to explain why it is that this motif of shepherd in santa hat, caring for his sheep, so warms my heart, but I just fell in love with it (don't you just love the wee lamb in his arms?). I hadn't taken a picture of it before Christmas to post with my other decoration pictures, but it's time to pack Christmas away for this year (all two items, LOL), so I needed to seize the moment and take a picture of my guy and his sheep. Here they are.

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Jules said...

Anne, I love that Santa shepherd...and the lamb is the finishing touch. It is almost sad when I have to put my Snow People away so I know what you mean. E and I even talk about them as we put them in the box...remember when I got this one, etc.

Now Anne, drag out the hearts and flowers as we honor another saint besides Nicholas soon...Valentiene!

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