Friday, January 13, 2006

on the road -- again!

I'm about to head off to St. Louis with my little Dooley. We'll be driving directly to Caroline's clinic (she's my friend and our long-distance vet!) where he'll get his neck checked, and she'll aspirate the growth. Depending on what she finds, she may remove it tonight, take him in first thing in the morning, or go in on Sunday. We'll see! He's a good little traveler, and a brave patient, so I think he'll do fine this weekend. We'll head home on Monday.

Caroline and Mark, her husband, have full days tomorrow with various things, so I'll have some time to myself. I have so many things to do just to catch up with life, like organize 2005's finances, that there is no shortage of ways to keep myself busy! But I also decided that I need to do a little scrapping, for me. Last night I began to organize my "ABC" list of things for which I am grateful, for a gratitude album that I have been wanting to do. Rather than haul all sorts of tools and equipment with me, I decided that I will sketch the pages for this album this weekend. It was helpful to go through the list last night, since once of the things on my list is veterinarians! I will take my camera into the clinic with me tonight and shoot some pics of Caroline and Dooley to use in the album. One of the great things about sketching out the pages is that I can plan for pictures that I don't yet have (like garlic, that I want to include on my "g" page, LOL). I've already decided that there will be a standard format for the album, and pages will vary depending on how many words and pictures or images I have for each letter. It's a project, to be sure!

So, off to pack the car and get on the road. Prayers for Dooley are appreciated!


Pam in Moncton said...

I'm sure you are long gone! Great idea for the gratitude album. I remember a while ago there was an alphabetic listing on the CKMB of things we were grateful for and I still have that somewhere. It would be a good resource for something like this as it's hard to think of something for all the letters sometimes. I hope Dooley's treatmaent goes well. What a good friend you have to take care of him like that.

samtzmom said...

Stay safe on your journey, friend. Prayers for Dooley ascending. Much love to you.


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