Tuesday, January 17, 2006

we're home!

Dooley and I returned home last night from our sojourn to St. Louis. It's good to be home, but it was a good and full weekend! You've heard about our adventures on Friday. On Saturday Caroline and I had a quick breakfast and then headed to radio station KTRS. She does a regular call in show where listeners can "ask the veterinarian" questions concerning their pets. The show has been airing on an afternoon weekday, but they're switching to a Saturday morning format, so this was the dry run for that change. I've done a few radio shows as a guest (when I was on the program staff of a YWCA we used to plug our programs, and again as a "new minister" when I was in Lebanon), so the terrain was familiar. But it was fun, and Caroline is an old pro doing these shows.

Caroline and Mark also have an "entertainment room" at their house, and tons of DVD's, so I chose to make a small dent in my movie viewing by watching "Seabiscuit." Loved it! It's a wonderful/poignant story. We then all gathered for dinner, then Caroline and Mark and I went to the symphony. It has been ages since I've been to a symhony, and what a treat that was! My day of cultural binging was topped off by a visit to a pub called "The Scottish Arms" (where most of the male servers wore kilts!) an absolute natural for this Scotophile. They had umpteen single malt scotches, which we sampled, of course, and genuine Scottish fare on the menu. We weren't exactly hungry, but we managed to put away a serving of crisps with curry dipping sauce and celtic chicken wings, which were awesome! Wish I had been able to try their lamb burger, which is something I can eat on my strange blood-type diet!

Sunday Mark had a bridge tournament, so Caroline and I went to church (great sermon, what a treat!), then returned home to pick up Mark's girls to get a quick bite at the Cheesecake Factory (oh Janet, guess what we ate?) and then do some shopping. Mark's brother is getting married next month, so suitable attire for wedding festivities was on the agenda. Brittany (17), found a great skirt and top, Maddie (14), found an adorable pink chiffon dress and silver shoes, and Caroline found dresses for both the wedding and rehearsal dinner. I lucked out with two pairs of shoes that are making my crunched-toed feet very happy, so it was a highly successful expedition!

Sunday night C and M went to see a play that Maddie was in, and I went to see Kathy and watch the season premiere of "24." What fun! Looks like it will be a great season, but how sad to lose David Palmer. Kathy is doing well with two chemo treatments under her belt. She looks good and her spirits are great.

So, now its back to the grind, and Dooley is a bit more content, I think, only to have to contend with Juliet than Caroline's three dogs. It's a rainy day here, so time to get busy with indoor things, of which there are so many! Dooley sends his thanks to everyone for your concern and good wishes. He's busy wagging his tail (when he's not snoozing...)


Kath said...

Sounds like you had a busy, fun time - thanks for sharing - I enjoyed the trip. kath

Pam in Moncton said...

Hi Anne
Sounds like a fun visit and you get to come home with a fixed-up dog too. Fine all round!

Ruth said...

sounds awesome! Your weekend that is. Had to take a moment to remember who David Palmer was, then wondered how they are doing it since the other fellow left for Canada. Will look forward to finding the spoiler plots somewhere to read. I dont really do tv but I love a good story. Good news that Dooley is recovering at home now.

samtzmom said...

Wow, sounds like you had a very lovely time! It's fun to be in the middle of other people's lives for a while to stretch our adventurous sides, though I am not sure I'd be salivating for that lamb burger...lol. Now I know you'll love Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. Happy reading!


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