Tuesday, January 03, 2006

one girl's trendy dog

Poor Dooley, my wee one. Something clogged up the fur between the pads of one of his paws and it was irritating him to the point that he'd licked his skin raw! The resident caretakers got him cleaned up and dressed the wound (Jayne, you would be proud!) with antibiotic ointment, a bandage, wrap, and then a sock to keep it all intact. Ha! The little rascal had other ideas. We were mainly concerned that he would just keep on licking (which he has, he's compulsive that way), but a good night's sleep and a lazy day yesterday has made a difference. The sock, which I think he wore for about ten minutes, is a Christmas one with dogs on it. Just another trendy member of the family!


Kath said...

Poor precious puppy - but lucky that he (she?) has folks who love her and take care of her. And make her wear trendy clothes - no dog would want to go about in un-trendy clothes, would they? kath

madcow said...

Oh Grasshopper - I am so proud of all the pretty pics/pixies/counters on the sidebar. You will surely earn a gold star this week! And Dooley can't help but be trendy with such an icon of fashion living in his house! xxx Clare

Gail said...

But of course...a trendy gal must have a trendy dog. LOL! You did a great job taking care of him and I'm sure he appreciates it. Can't wait to see what other trendy things you come up with.

Kip said...

I tried that with Melly once and it lasted 3 minutes...I finally bought this spray that was suppose to repel her tastebuds and she licked it like gravy...I finally cut off all her hair in that area and that did it. She hasn't touched it since!!

samtzmom said...

Poor poor Dooley.... but how cute he is with his Christmas sock on! Yes, I am proud of the wonderful wound care he was given, and hope for a speedy recovering from the itching. :c) Puppies and chewing... where there is a will, they will find a way!

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