Friday, January 06, 2006

waist deep in the big muddy

Prompted by an entry about failure on a friend's blog, I've been reflecting on challenges and perserverence. I am what I refer to as "technically challenged." The nuts and bolts of technology are a mystery to me, and even though I understand concepts pretty easily, getting from A to K can stymie me (I can usually find my way from A to B, but not always!).

Getting my web site going is the ongoing hassle of my days. Even when I'm not responsible for the technical "big picture," the little things that do fall within my purview can sometimes loom like mountains. I can feel overwhelmed quickly, panic can set in, and I am soon paralyzed. I'm tired of it, tired of getting stuck in the big muddy. So I have determined that I will perservere. I am willing to ask for help, but sometimes the answers I get aren't always helpful. Out of necessity I am practicing the art of how to "keep on keeping on."

So far, it's working. Because of perserverence I overcame a challenge that has held me up for several days. I made a breakthrough.

I'm still in the big muddy. I need to make a decision about the technical oversight of my web site, and there are pros and cons to whichever path I choose. But either way I have momentum working in my favor, and as long as I keep on the water will eventually become knee deep, then ankle deep, and before long I'll be on dry land, ready to dance a jig. (Thank goodness I already know how to do that!)

Beats being trendy...


Gail said...

Hi Anne, I can relate to the perseverance since that's what I'm working on with my photo sorting project this week. It's going to take at least another week of plugging away at it. We'll have to inspire each other. I also like that your weather pixie has a cat beside her today. My kind of gal.

samtzmom said...

Sending you some virtual climbing harnesses, climbing ropes, ice axes, and crampons for your journey... I know you will make it, and make sense of it. It only looms large, but in actuality you can do it, one step at a time. Love to you from your cheering section!

Ruth said...

This reminds me of my lesson from 2005 - if at first you dont succeed for God's sake dont give up. Your muddy sounds horrible, I look forward to seeing you dance your jig - trendy or not.

karen said...

Of course you know that you have support and love through the "muddy" Wish I could help, but alas I am having a difficult time starting the blog!!!!
I do have great knee high boots I can send your way!!!!
xoxo Karen

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