Tuesday, January 31, 2006

slow news day

I've been sitting here staring at this blank composition screen wondering what to write this morning. Nothing comes to mind! The minor rhythms of life don't seem worthy of mention, and certainly don't make for very interesting reading. But for any regular visitors (I think there are about five of you, LOL), surely you'd like something different to read since the last time you came to this page. So, borrowing a page from Pam's EB post the other day, here's something a little different—things most recent (and yes, mundane)…

Last meal eaten: lunch, a chef salad
TV program watched: “24”
Dog let out: Dooley
Dog let in: Dooley (yes, there’s a theme at work here)
Email received: from a clergy colleague
Domestic chore accomplished: dusting!
View from the window: chickens pecking in the leaves
Phone call received: a request from a church to do some regular supply (substitute) work
Web site visited: NY Times crossword puzzles
Photograph taken: friends in Elkhart
Mail read: a late Christmas card
Periodical skimmed (reading is another matter!): Yale Divinity School Year in Review
Computer game played: spider solitaire

Well, that’s about it from here. Hope your day has been a bit more interesting than mine!


Gail said...

I'm one of your regulars Anne. Sounds like you just had a bit of downtime. Imagine that. The days can't all be exciting or there'd be nothing to compare them to. Boring is good sometimes, LOL.

karen said...

Oh, Anne....you are way better than I..I also have a Blog, however rarely post on it, as my life is W A Y boring.
I thought I would utilize it much the way I did my journal, however that hasn't happened!!!!
Any how...I do visit regulary, cannot always reply to you....although I do believe I have solved that problem.
Hope all is well with you....
Hugs, Karen

Ruth said...

As a regular I was happy to see your comments re: game played. I am a spider solitaire girl too. And I would love to be looking a chickens pecking at leaves out my window right now but I am at work and there is no window and if there were it would be the streets of Brisbane and all the wonders that entails. Trust me chickens are more exciting.

samtzmom said...

After the week you've had, mundane sounds divine actually! :c) Just checking in to say "I'm here" is enough sometimes... Hugs to you dear friend.

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