Tuesday, May 02, 2006

a little incentive

We've decided to host a small Cinco de Mayo party on Friday, so the race is on to get this house in order! The kitchen still needs attention (but it's doable), and the living room is next, but will be more difficult. I keep asking Ken, "where are we going to put the videos and DVD's?" and I keep getting no answer. Maybe those boxes will go into the tub in the guest bathroom for the occasion! My office isn't a public area, thank goodness, because there's no way that it will be in any kind of order by Friday night. I make progress every day, but there are so many things to put away, and so few places to put them! I've become an expert in triaging, but it is still a time consuming process.

The good news is that there is hope for the guest room, which has been serving as an overflow "we'll get to this later" area. Yesterday we took the remains of the yard sale, as well as clothes, to Goodwill and a local community help center. I finally accepted the idea that it is unlikely that I will fit into a size 8 skirt ever again, so parted with a lot of items. That now makes space to store fabric in the closet in the guest room, LOL. There are still other craft items, like dried flowers and such to make wreaths, and yarn for knitting projects (most of them were at least begun!). Not sure what to do with the latter, since I just don’t have the time for knitting that I used to have. Oh well.
Here’s a peek at what the guest room might actually look like again once it can be reclaimed! When we’re a bit more tidy I’ll take some “up close” shots of things around the house so you can see how things look. For now, time to get some sustenance to go with my coffee and get about the day!


Kath said...

Looks like a lovely room - I can't wait to come stay in it!!! Glad you guys are having a party - both because you need a party, and because you're right - having company is a motivating cleaning factor! Enjoy!!! Kath

karen said...

Hi Doll....LOVE your guest room...want to come stay in it!!!!
Little by little it will come together!!!
What a perfect Party to have...I'll bring the 7 layer dip, and lots of chips!!!LOL
Was just talking about Cinco de Mayo last night...I am working 3-11....Yuck!

Kip said...

Anne- I keep trying to forward you something on email and it keeps coming back to me!

Jules said...

Hey Anne, e and my's room is looking great! lol

I miss you madly...pop on msn when you can.


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