Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the funky little church...

This month I am filling in at my old church, Epiphany. This past Sunday was the first day of Sunday School/Adult Forum, and the time during which the adults were gathered was spent talking about what types of program/content was desired for that hour during the coming year. There was a lot of good discussion, and a healthy number of people (14--about a third of the adult attenders) were gathered.
from the old days, Pentecost 2001

As if often the case with small churches, open ended conversation inevitably turns to growth and increased membership. At one point someone shared that a visitor had remarked about the church, "it's a funky little church with good vibes." Everyone laughed and took a minute to think about that, and we concluded that it was, indeed, a "funky little church" and it did have good vibes. Someone jokingly suggested that we put that description on the sign out by the driveway, and I seconded the not-quite-made motion.

By the time we left church that morning the sign had, in fact, been changed! Unfortunately the sign faces a road that doesn't get much traffic (the main traffic runs behind the church), but at least it is there, and perhaps it will start some people talking. And you never know. The way God works someone may need to make a detour in their travels that takes them past the church, and our little sign might be just the invitation they were waiting for.

In the meantime, we'll go right on being funky.

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Jayne said...

St. T is coming back, slowly but surely. We had 90+ the past two weeks. :c) It's hard to carve out a niche for sure, but each parish has it's own flair and I am sure Epiphany will find their groove even more as time goes on.

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