Monday, September 15, 2008

one last look

We bid farewell to some furniture soon. Tomorrow, a new couch "ensemble" arrives. I bought this couch and loveseat four years ago after ten years of wear left the former one very tired looking, and began to lose its comfort. This set, sadly, began to sag about six months ago (it was sooooo comfortable in the beginning). There's a reason that Rooms to Go prices their furniture cheaply! Now there's no comfort when you sit or recline, and with Ken's already bad back, we had to do something.
Don't ask me why, but I had it in my head to check out La-Z-Boy. Back in August we visited one to scope out possibilities, and were lucky enough to find what we were looking for (this after I firmly said No to Ken's first choice, which looked like a man-cave candidate.)
The outgoing set holds memories. It was delivered shortly before my first In-Real-Life meeting with members of the Cabana Crew, scrapbooking buddies who, up to that point, I only knew through an online message board for scrappers. I think they were the first to see and sit on the new furniture. When I moved to the mountain, Dooley would lie on top of one of the back cushions of the loveseat where it afforded him a great view out the window of the neighbor's yard, complete with dog, goat and chicken activity. (That back cushion still won't return to its original shape no matter how much I manipulate it!) The couch was also a favorite place for Dooley to take a nap, with or without a human snuggle companion.

I am eager for the arrival of the new, however. The new arrangement will open up the room, and make it feel less congested. It will also bring more light into the living room, since the couch now sits in front of the window. It does include a recliner for Ken, as well as a sofabed. Eventually we will replace the carpet with a hardwood floor, but one upgrade at a time!
Now to clear the space for the new (the old will be part of a yard sale on Saturday). Stay tuned for the "after" pic!

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Jayne said...

It was a comfy place to sit, no doubt. Can't wait to see the "new" ensemble! :c)


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