Friday, September 26, 2008

thinking outside the bailout

I haven't received the email yet, but yesterday I learned about an alternative suggestion to the proposed bailout plan. Don't give the money to Wall Street. Pay each citizen over the age of 18 instead, which amounts to approximately one quarter of a million dollars. With that money those who are indebted can pay off their debt (mortgages and credit cards), establish funds for their kids to go to college or set up accounts for retirement, all of which puts money back into the banks and stock market. Chances are we will spend the rest of the money, which will stimulate the economy, create jobs and restore confidence. Those are the parts of the suggestion that I remember. Sounds good to me. (Except I would still fire the "leaders" who contributed to this mess and send them packing withOUT a severence package.) What the heck is Washington's problem?!

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