Tuesday, September 09, 2008

who am i?

Regular visitors to this blog will have noted that it's received a bit of a makeover in the last week or so. Although I'm a person who takes comfort in what I call "continuity," I also appreciate change as a kind of refreshment. The blog is one such example. Redecorating a portion of the house would be another.

As a result of current events (see most recent post) I've also been doing a lot of blog-surfing in the last several days. I've found some great blogs out there that I intend to visit regularly, as well as some that simply aren't my cup of tea. Many of the personal blogs have profiles, or descriptions, of the blogger. In a nutshell they try to give you some idea of who they are and what their context is. At the least, it's a glimpse of how they see themselves (or perhaps how they want to be seen).

My own profile has been pretty bare since this blog was created. Anne, Tennessee, is the information you learn. Meager, wouldn't you say? So I've been trying to think of what I might write in that little corner of the blog to tell the world who I am. I confess that I'm stumped. It isn't that I couldn't offer up my age, marital status, occupation (which at the moment seems to be a moving target in some respects), stuff like that. But that just isn't substantive enough, or at the least, not what I'm shooting for. Oddly enough, for a fairly confident person I seem not to have much confidence about how to describe myself these days.

So, I'm offering up the opportunitiy for y'all to take a stab at ghost-writing my profile. Any takers?


Jayne said...

Well, if you intend for this blog to stay as a way to keep in touch with a small group of people who know you, then Anne from TN is fine... OTOH, if you intend to branch out a bit (which I am feeling here as of late) and gather a larger audience, a nice descriptor is a way for people to get to know about Anne from TN. :c)

And, you do that by visiting others blogs who you find interesting for various and sundry reasons, and leaving comments. Soon, they come by to visit you, and so on, and so on, and so on...

I have people I visit who are bird bloggers, some are faith bloggers, people with autism in their lives, and some are just "this is my life" bloggers.

Let's see.... Anne from TN is:

A 50-something questioning believer, who happens to be a priest in a church that welcomes the divine wisdom of women, a passionate crafter, lover of good food, good wine, and one who strives to see the beauty and divinity of all living things.

How's that for starters? ;c)

madcow said...

Anne is one of my best friends. What more can you say?

altar ego said...

Well Jayne, that's pretty darn good!

Jules said...

Jayne hit the nail on the head, dearest Anne. Perhaps in parenthesis, 'lover of lambs', 'compassionate and caring', 'wife', and 'dreamer'?

Love you madly!

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