Thursday, September 18, 2008

oh, Lordy

Well, it has happened. My little town is about to become the home of the country's first--brace yourself--Bible Theme Park. When the force behind this project tried to put it in another county south of here there was tremendous resistance, and meeting after meeting took place to debate its merits and the impact on the community, and the city council ultimately weighed in with a big fat "NO". No such process took place here. The mayor thought it would be a good idea, there was no community conversation, and yesterday it was announced that we would, indeed be the home of the new park. Apparently our own city council can overturn this decision, but it is unlikely to do so. Ken is for this, I am not. Yes, these are fun times here in Cedar City!

Supposedly there is no agenda, no denominational skew on how the bible is to be represented. It is intended to be an opportunity for "exposure and learning." Yeah. Right. Just like this image of God parting the Red Sea doesn't promote an image of God. Good Lord, deliver us!

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Jayne said...

ACK! I'm with you. "Bible" themed anything pretty much always guarantees a slant, and most often, not one of discussion.


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