Saturday, February 07, 2009

favorite things

I missed yesterday's Revgalblogpals post, which was to list five of your favorite things, so I am using it today for this post. I have to say that limiting a "favorites" list to five is an exercise in cruelty! I have a lot of favorite things, but I stuck to five. These are not necessarily my top five, nor are they in any order other than as I encountered these pictures in Picasa. But my five, today, are these:

1) Dogs (that's Flora, of foster puppyhood). I think you probably already knew that.

2) My Sisterhood. There are really two sets of sisterhood. One is the Cabana Crew, a group of scrappers who know each other and with whom group get-togethers are planned. The other is comprised of what I call my "far flung" friends, who live at a distance and who are tonics to my soul. The latter are pictured here: Barbara, in Augusta; Jayne, in north GA; Carrie (and Katie) in St. Louis; and Judy, in CT. There are some others who fit this category who aren't pictured here.

3) Sheep. Thank you, Jules and Mom, for keeping me supplied.

4) Laughter.


5) Solitary pleasures like crossword puzzles and sudoku.

There are many people that ought to be included here, but I intentionally avoided going that route so as not to hurt any feelings. I know how sensitive I am about perceiving exclusion. Besides, this is supposed to be a small list!

Today I am doing a couple of other favorite things: meeting with Epiphany's women (see earlier post: they rock!) and a Pampered Chef party. I am also doing some prep for tomorrow--a sort of "primer" on the bible for adult education, and of course, the sermon. There are so many goodies in tomorrow's lessons, and I am hardpressed to choose just one.

Blessings on your day!

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Barbara said...

Hi Anne,
How honored am I to be among your favorite things. Thank you and I miss you.
My first comment ever on a blog!

Jayne said...

I, too, am grateful for being counted among your favorite things. We may be far away in physical distance, but always are close in heart.

Well now Barbara, it's about time you lost your blog commenting virginity!!!! :c) Tee hee hee.


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