Sunday, February 08, 2009

i love facebook!

I can't remember when my friend Sue first sent me an invitation to join facebook. Months ago. I resisted. One more online site that I just couldn't keep up with. Then a second friend invited me to join and I thought, "why not?"

Why not, indeed? I have reconnected with several college classmates with whom I had lost touch, and one of my roommates from div school days. I am particularly excited to have found Jyothi (pronounced Joe-tee, accent on the second syllable), who got her masters in international studies. And thanks to facebook I now know she is living in Dublin and today heads to Warsaw. I am just tickled.

It is an amazingly fun and easy way to be "caught up," as well as learn little things simply by what people post in their status bar. To use a retro phrase, it's cool!

I now visit facebook multiple times a day just to get a smile and think about people who have been part of my life and that I still care about. And you never know, this might get a bunch of us to our 30th college reunion this fall.
Anne is heading to the shower...

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Jayne said...

OK, so I've received several invitations to be "friends" too and just have resisted it. For so long, so many of the social networking sites I saw seemed, I don't know, somehow almost seedy? Rude, vulgar? So, like you, I've resisted as blogging already takes up so much of my time. Now you have my interest piqued... hmmmmmm. :c)


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