Friday, February 20, 2009

friday five: taking a break

A la revgalblogpals, how I would spend some "break" time (this assumes a few things, like dog care, a clean desk...):

1. a 15 minute break: playing sudoku
2. an afternoon off: making handmade cards
3. an unexpected free day: hit the road and travel local byways, eateries, and places of interest wtih my husband and camera in tow. 4. a week's vacation: The Grand Canyon. I've never been, and I've always wanted to stand at one of the lookouts and be totally awed by one of God's amazing works.

Either that or a week at the beach with my scrapping (as in scrapbooks) sisterhood.

5. a sabbatical: head to Scotland, my favorite place in the world, and the place where my spirit is most at home. I love the landscapes--from rolling lowlands to rugged highlands. I love the colors, the sheep, the people, the heather, the castles (ruined and otherwise), the history, the late light of summer. I would photograph, improve my watercolor abilities, read and write.

And you?


Songbird said...

I was bowled over by the Grand Canyon, literally fell speechless. And I love Scotland, too!

:Jayne said...

Love your cards!
The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list. See you there!

:Jayne said...
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