Thursday, February 19, 2009

is it in or is it out?

The hybrid version of my car (color and all), which essentially looks the same. Mine is not a hybrid because hybrids have an automatic transmission. I'm a stick kind of girl. Just so you know.

Yesterday I began to grieve. GM announced that part of its plan for the future was to eliminate the Saturn line. I have been a proud and loyal Saturn customer for 15 years, have put over 315,000 miles on my three Saturn vehicles, and saw myself as a committed Saturnite for generations to come. Well, you know, as long as is feasible.

This morning I received an email from Saturn suggesting that they are not going to be out of business; that they were set up and continue to be an independent operation affilitated with GM; that the future, while uncertain, looks exciting, and they wanted to assure their customers of the company's ongoing viability.

I don't know what to believe, but I can tell you this. I have several years to start paying attention to other makes of cars. I just hope that mine doesn't think I'm cheating.

PS. Read Gail Collins today. I laughed out loud so many times...

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Jayne said...

I can't imagine them just doing away with Saturn! Hummer? Sure. But Saturn? I do hope they can work something out. Especially for the folks in Spring Hill... and for you too my friend. :c)


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