Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yesterday I woke and was ready to get up earlier than usual. Today? Not so much! But I popped into the shower first thing and am ready to tackle today's "list." I fear that I will need to add "wipe off dog paws x 8" to said list. Our yard, never pretty on a good day, is awash in mud and puddles. I hear the perpetual hum of the washing machine in my future...

On the bright side, I am being faithful to this year's discipline for Lent. I think I have completed the scarf that has been unfinished for a few years. I say "think" because it could be longer, of course, but may be of sufficient length now. As Ken reminds me, its recipient is short, and here in middle Tennessee the need to wrap one's face in a scarf is a rare occasion. And then there's that crucial decision, to fringe, or not to fringe?

I also started a book yesterday. I've been hearing/reading a lot about Three Cups of Tea, so I am now solidly through the introduction and into the first chapter. I had hoped to get farther, but interruptions of the husband variety made that impossible. We'll see how far I can get today.

But right now I'm in need of three cups of coffee, so I'm off to Dunkin' Donuts (blessedly only a mile away) and on to my list. Stay warm and dry!


Jayne said...

Thanks so much for the sweet card. I smiled through the entire thing and appreciated it more than you know. Miss you too dear friend... XOXO

Kellee said...

I loved Three Cups of Tea...Karen passed it on to me after she read it. I'm sure you'll like it!


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