Sunday, February 01, 2009

What, no takers on seismicity? I'm disappointed...

Friday morning I went to the kennel to bid farewell to the puppies. Oh my, how they've grown! The two that I got to know best when they were here were Flora and Wee One (or Little Bit, as Junior called her). Flora has become a cuddler, and Wee One is still small and tucks into a hold easily. They are all still just the most precious things. I wished them all a good life in their new homes, and I truly had to tear myself away, fighting tears when I got into the car and headed home. It's amazing how a couple of weeks with those puppies have touched my heart.

Yesterday we had a Pampered Chef kitchen shower for the church. Let me just say that we have an awesome group of women at Epiphany. I was running very late, and they didn't hesitate to jump in and help prepare the food. I was beating myself up for not being better prepared, and they were entirely forgiving and just settled into talking about the products and what the church needed. I just love these women. I wish I had taken my camera and had a picture of them (I may just try to coordinate that today). They had also collected orders from others and we ended up with close to a $1500 show, and $415 worth of free products. You rock, ladies!

Today the sun is shining and the sky is blue. It's supposed to be "unseasonably warm" today, and Ken is going to seize the temperatures this afternoon and get some work done on a job that has been waiting for a day like this. I will, no doubt, be taking my usual Sunday afternoon nap, but I will try to stay away and get some things done around here. The week ahead looks to be busy and there won't be much time to tend to domestic necessities.

Have a wonderful day.


karen said...

Anne...How were you ever able to come away empty handed???? I would have had one of those puppies in my bag!!! LOL!!! More likely I never would have been able to see them, as I would take one!

Congrats on the PC sales!!!!

Jayne said...

So good to see that the puppies are thriving. Those weeks that you nurtured them will make all the difference in the way they will adjust into their new homes. I am sure it was hard to drive away.


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