Sunday, January 31, 2010

project life - week 4

Sundays tend to be difficult days for me to give adequate time to writing a blog post. Taking a page from my blog buddy The Bug, I've decided to recap the week's Project Life photos! 
Sunday, January 24
 Our vestry, with two newly elected members and our new officers elected several nights earlier at our first meeting. (I don't usually vest in cassock and surplice, but I had left my alb at home following diocesan convention!)

Monday, January 25
Time to donate blood! I'm a rare type (AB negative), so I try to give as often as I can. It helps that two churches in the area hold regular blood drives.

Tuesday, January 26
I picked up this book the previous week at the Cokesbury bookstore. It is full of observations and insights that I am finding extraordinarily valuable!

Wednesday, January 27
The promise of snow or the reality of it brings out the baker in me. It must have something to do with the warmth and intimacy of the kitchen that draws me to it to create comfort.

Thursday, January 28
When the temperature drops Ken gets the fire going. The dogs love to help!

Friday, January 29
The snow actually arrived! This is a view of the backyard that excludes the um, man clutter. The shed belongs to the neighbor, and is in the corner of their yard.

Saturday, January 30
McKinlee loves the snow!

Got pictures from your week? 


The Bug said...

Great pictures - those muffins look delicious! I could eat one right now...

Jan said...

What a wonderful idea! (Though I'm not taking as many pictures as you--or am only taking snaps of the new puppy) The fire looks so cozy.

Jayne said...

Love all your photos and may just have to try this one week!


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