Sunday, May 16, 2010

it's the great 909th post giveaway!

I utterly missed the fact that I had crept up on and surpassed my 900th post. I had intended to use the occasion as an opportunity to have a giveaway, but then.... So instead I decided it makes just as much sense to honor the 909th post, and here we are.

You may have noticed here and there that I enjoy photographing flowers and nature. I have a deeply embedded aesthetic gene in my DNA, so I am drawn to beauty like a moth to a flame. Nature in particular. The collage above contains some of the orchid photographs I took at the Atlanta Botanical Garden a couple of weeks ago. I have, as well, some other orchid photos from several years ago when I first encountered the ABG. The giveaway, therefore, will be a collection of note cards featuring several orchid shots.

To be eligible for the giveaway I am asking that you leave a comment sharing what it is that you find beautiful in the world. I'll leave this post for a couple of days and draw a winner Wednesday morning. Good luck and have fun!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Among the most beautiful things in the world are my grandchildren. And the sound of the cello.

I'd love to win your give-away. My husband has a very small collection of orchids.

Jan said...

There are too many beautiful things around. If I had grandchildren, he/she would be it, but I don't (yet). Today the grass and leaves on trees were amazingly green here in south TX, because of the recent rains. That's beauty way down here!

Jayne said...

I find beauty in so many things.... one of which is your friendship my friend. :c) XOXO

The Bug said...

Well one of the things is your flower pictures! And Jayne's bird pictures, and Jan's reflections...

I have really enjoyed taking a picture a day this year because it truly opens my eyes to the beauty around me.

karen said...

Oh, where to begin....the smell after spring, too take loads of pictures of flowers...the chirping of birds, I have been listening now that the windows are open. Not sure who the culprit is but there is someone in my yard singing a song all day long :)

Evelyn said...

What do I find beautiful?
Rainbows, sunsets, white, puffy clouds in the sky (especially when I have time to let my imagination look for the shapes in the clouds!)
Then, of course, there is the smile on a child's face!
Congratulations on 909 posts!


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