Sunday, May 02, 2010

rain, rain, go away!

Exciting times here this weekend. Continuous downpours yesterday led to a great deal of flooding in our area. This is our downtown square. No idea yet how badly the shops on the square are affected. We are safe and dry, though a neighbor down the street has a flooded side yard. Streets are underwater and some homes are at risk. Our area is not the worst hit, but this weather system isn't done with us yet! Please pray for the those enduring these torrential rains in middle Tennessee and elsewhere!


The Bug said...

Wow Anne - how scary! We have friends who live near (I think) Nashville & their garden is flooded & the water is creeping into the basement. I'm not sure what they've done with their chickens - scary indeed!

Mrs. M said...

Very scary! I'm glad to hear you're OK, and hope that stays the case.

My mom's in Stewart Co, and if you think to add her safety to your prayers, I'd be grateful.

Jayne said...

We watched the news last night and gasped as they showed a stretch of I-24 near Antioch where cars were simply swept away off the interstate. I've never seen that sort of flooding in Nashville. Be safe and know we are thinking of you all there. said...

Imagine me sending you dry winds and warm sun; glad you're still above water!

KimQuiltz said...

oh my! Be careful!!!

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