Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lest you think my life is all introspection and hard work, let me show you some play time from yesterday!

Charis (the h is silent) is a local not-for-profit organization that provides health care for residents in our county who are working but don't have health insurance. A friend's husband is the director of that agency, and had been promoting a fund-raiser that took place yesterday. "Cannonballs for Charis" invited individuals to make a big splash off the diving board of our local pool. With the support of sponsors (like a walk-a-thon) each entrant made a literal splash in the pool, and a splash of support for Charis. There were two parts of the competition (with two age categories). The first was judged for the biggest splash (including form). The second was for presentation (see photo, below, and click on it to enlarge to appreciate the details!). Emceed by a local DJ and good friend, there were lots of laughs, cheering on and whistles of encouragement for the daring jumpers. It was great fun.
Back home for a bit of lunch, Ken, Mom and I headed outside to do a variety of yardwork, then we were off to christen a boat and enjoy dinner with friends. We had a great evening of conversation, catching up and laughter, and the boat is now properly named and ready for the water. Can't wait for a ride and the wind in my hair! Well, actually the wind in my hair would make a real mess of it, so I guess it will be the wind rushing past a ball cap on my head.

Have a great and beautiful Pentecost Sunday!


Amy said...

What a fun time! The fundraiser reminds me of my girls' teen years - on the 4th of July family would visit and we'd have "diving competition" in our pool. There were categories (biggest splash, swan dive, etc) and the girls would judge with card-stock numbers. They even printed and framed an "award" that was passed on to the winner each year. Such fun!

Jayne said...

What a neat idea!! Love all the "splashing costumes" too!

Jan said...

Great costumes. Good cause, so needed.

The Bug said...

This looks like a lot of fun! What I like best is that practically anyone can do it - even those of us who don't want to walk 5 miles.

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