Saturday, May 22, 2010

tgif, transferred

One of my more recent blog discoveries (thanks to Diane at Contemplative Photography) is Ordinary Courage. I find inspiration, insight and encouragement at Brene's blog. She believes in a lot of the same things I do when it comes to personal growth, courage and affirmation, and the question to find wholeness and peace.

Each Friday Brene has a "tgif" post that focuses on trusting, gratitude and inspiration. She shares her own "t-g-i"s and invites others to consider theirs. I have generally committed myself to doing the RevGals Friday Five post on that day each week, but I like the possibilities of what Brene's offers. Today I am "transferring" that Friday post to today, and am likely to do so on other weeks.

It's been a week of facing head-on one of my biggest stumbling blocks, and making the decision to confront it in an effort to diminish its power in my life. I have shared it with my PC director, so accountability is in place. So today I am trusting that God will accompany me on this challenging walk to help me stay on track.

The issue of trust itself emerged as a matter with which to contend, and there is work to do in that area. Disappointments notwithstanding, I am consistent in turning to God with hope, in prayer, and for help and guidance. Today I am grateful for the depth of my faith that persists through fog, hurt and cynicism. It is the bedrock on which everything else is sustained.

Part of the journey of this week has also been contending with what I perceived to be a conflict between my calling as a priest and my desire to be more confident and successful with my Pampered Chef business. It is something with which I have struggled for a while, and I finally gave voice to it yesterday during the call with my director. She rocks! My perception of the conflict has not dissolved, but it has shifted to a place where I can tease out the nuances of it in a more helpful and useful manner. With the gift of that shift and the tools learned at last weekend's training I am inspired to tackle my business afresh.

How about you? In what are you trusting this week? For what are you grateful? Where are you finding inspiration?


Jayne said...

I've always heard it said that there is no such thing as a "small business." To make it successful, you have to be committed to putting in long days and long hours. I suppose a home business is just the same.

I enjoy Ordinary Courage as well and find inspiration in Brene's posts.

Jan said...

Thank you, Anne. What a wonderful painting!

Trusting God more, trusting that I am beloved, too.


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