Saturday, January 31, 2009

i love words!

the volcano in a peaceful repose

Yesterday I was listening to NPR while on the road doing some errands and they were talking to a scientist about the imminent eruption of Mt. Redoubt (yes, that is really its name) in Alaska. In the course of the conversation, the scientist (I’m sure there’s a name for his specialty—he may be more than a seismologist), referred to the “seismicity” of activity related to the volcano. Love it! Seismicity. It feels good on the tongue.

I began to imagine uses for it in daily conversation. Like, “the seismicity of your mood does not bode well.” Or, “I’ve never seen anything like the seismicity of last night’s party!”

So your challenge for today is to use seismicity in a sentence. At least one. Go for a record if you choose, and report in on your results.

I’ll help you get started by sharing Webster’s definition (which, of course, refers back to another word).
seis-mic-ity, noun. 1) the property or state of being seismic 2) the frequency, intensity, etc. of earthquake activity in a given region.
seis-mic adj. to excite, shake, shock, to be excited, sparkle…

Go on. Have some fun!

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