Sunday, March 01, 2009

it's a conspiracy!

25 miles south of us there is 4 inches of snow. 100 miles southeast of us there is 8 inches of snow. Out our window? Barely a dusting that clings only to those things cold enough to hold the poor excuse for precipitation that passed through during the night. And this is hardly the first time!


I'm a Yankee, after all. I have memories of sledding, buildilng snow forts, watching the dog leap from the shoveled driveway into the yard-covered snow and not being able to move because she was up to her chin in the stuff (that was really pretty funny, and she was a good sport about it all). I remember being in New Hampshire visiting friends during a snowfall and digging out the mailbox so that the door could be opened. When I was in college in Indiana country roads nearly became single lanes because there was no place left for the snow to be plowed but on top of the pile already created by the previous passes of the plow. You couldn't see over the piles that were created (which really made driving an adventure).

Is it too much to ask? I mean, really!


Kellee said...

Come to Massachusetts (but you'll have to travel quickly!)...they're predicting 12+ inches in my area starting late tonight and going into tomorrow some time. I'll even let you help shovel!!

Kip said...

I hope you get some before winter is over dear Anne.

Jayne said...

LOL... it was as if we were were in the "eye" of the storm. It swirled all around us and we got nary a flake! Then again, I am glad I was not holed up here on my birthday either.


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