Saturday, April 18, 2009

the dooley dogwood

It's been a bit over a year since we lost Dooley. I continue to miss him deeply, though I confess, as well, that McKinlee's presence has begun to patch the vast hole that Dooley's passing tore in my heart. When he died Mom sent us an azalea that was intended to be hardy and plantable. In the meantime a magnolia seedling that we had transplanted from Melrose showed evidence that it had not survived our transplant efforts. The next step was clear. We wanted a tree where the magnolia had been, and a dogwood was next in line.

This spring as trees came into bud and began to bloom I crossed my fingers that my care-taking through the last seaon had been sufficient for the dogwood to take root and survive. More than that, I was eager for it to bloom. Bloom it did! The flowers are plentiful and radiant, and a new shoot has appeared just below the branch I had to cut off where Rigel had found a young limb to claim as his after planting.

It's a treat to have this favorite tree planted in memory of my beloved Boolah (a nickname), and for it to thrive and bloom. It will be with joy that I watch it grow and flourish in the years to come, just as my love for Dooley did.
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Jayne said...

And so the blooms will be a reminder of the beauty he was in your life for so long.... so sweet that it stands in his memory.


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