Thursday, April 30, 2009

reporting live from the local "wife saver"

This is a brief report from the "wife saver," a combination take-out and eat-in dining establishment that serves, essentially, chicken. And things southern. You know--banana pudding and sweet tea. "Put a little south in your mouth" is their slogan. They're just 10 minutes from the cottage and they have Wi-Fi here. I was desperate for a communication link that took fewer than 10 minutes to load an Internet page. Additionally, I had to send attachments for Sunday's bulletin and announcements to the parishioner who prints our bulletins, and time was getting short!

Not to mention that the phone at Melrose wasn't working for four days. This is not a great shock in the rural world where local phone companies attempt to imrove their technology and don't quite get it right when they make the switch. This is not to disparage rural areas--only to recognize the reality of budgets and resources in those areas. Sigh.

This has not been the vacation I imagined, but the weather has been glorious (GLORIOUS!), the sunsets modestly colorful, the view spectacular as always, the company great, and the soul-nourishment beneficial notwithstanding stresses that pop up here and there. I think that this afternoon I will actually have a chance to read on the porch!

Pictures will follow another time. I'm tackling one technology challenge at a time! Thinking of y'all and hoping all is well in everyone's world!


Sophia said...

Oh, so glad you're having a good time.

Don't forget to write me with your email address if you'd like to talk about the Ignatian retreat long distance and/or the new Benedictine community--we have four people so far and a yahoo group!

Sophia said...

Oops, forgot my address. sophiasprayersATgmailDOTcom

kimquiltz said...

Wife saver...I love it!

Jayne said...

"Put a little south in your mouth"... lolol... perfect slogan! Glad the time at Melrose is being just what you needed it to be. Will be in touch soon about the dates for our trip. Hugs!

Barbara B. said...

Glad for the glorious weather!

Janet M said...

I hopoe your time there is enjoyable. I'm waving a "Hello" greeting to you.

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