Friday, April 17, 2009

friday five: closet dreams

Over at revgals the friday five challenge is about appliances and dream kitchens. Much as I dream about the kitchen that would satisfy all elements of my cooking, entertaining, nurturing and containment needs, I am presently in the throes of designing the closet in my office.

Designing is a bit of a stretch, given the limitations the space presents, but in reality making the most of a space is what design is all about. Picture me rubbing my hands together with enthusiasm, because this is the kind of challenge that revs my engine. I am all about efficient utilization of space.

The closet pictured here is not unlike the space with which I am working. I have bifold doors that span a four-foot opening with about 15 inches of space to the left and right of the doorframe. The closet itself is about two feet deep. An air return vent occupies some of the floor and wall space tucked into the left side, but there are otherwise no real hindrances.

What impresses me about this picture is the lighting. I'm not sure that lighting is necessary in my closet, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. I will consult my resident handy man to determine if installing some lighting would require feats of extraordinary means.

And in the "for better, for worse" category, I have some existing storage containers that I would really like to use in the closet. One of them already occupies space in there now, but I think it could be relocated to better advantage all around.

My real problem is the quantity of "stuff" that I have to store.

There is scrapbooking, for starters. I have boatloads of paper that already have a dedicated storage system, thank goodness, but there are other accessories and tools that might need to have space allocated in the closet. The jury is still out on that one.

There are card-making supplies: envelopes and pre-cut cardstock, adhesive, embellishments and spools and spools of ribbon.

There are rubber stamps, stamp pads and colored pens, watercolor pencils, alcohol and other inks. And baby wipes. Let's not forget the baby wipes!

There are photography-related supplies: pre-cut mats for photos and camera accessories, and boxes and boxes of photographs (organized chronologically, at least!).

There are cross-stitch patterns, embroidery floss, hoops, canvas and other assorted items.

There are needlepoint canvases, yarn and unfinished projects.

And sewing. Let's not forget the fabric, thread, quilt, clothing and accessory patterns!

Knitting, too. I have actually parted with a lot of my yarn, which is space-consuming, but there is always more...

And then, of course, Pampered Chef materials: catalogs, folders for host packets, mailing envelopes, inserts and fliers for the host packets, two postage scales, and the record-keeping that goes along with that business.

I'm aware that my wee closet is insufficient to hold all of the above, but I've got to start somewhere to store and stash all my goodies. Once they are stored the space in my office then becomes free to utilize all those tools and products! That, after all, is the ultimate goal, and my eyes are on that prize.

Stay tuned, but I don't recommend that you hold your breath.

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Jules said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with. miss you madly.

Janet M said...

Looking forward to seeing what you create with your space. Go for the lights in the closet, I added one overhead in mine and it's really a big help.

Barbara B. said...

That's what I need -- a great closet design. (I've got too much "stuff"!)

Jayne said...

There's probably not a better feeling in the world than organizing a space like this to function as you need it to! Good luck!!!

QuakerPastor said...

Once you finish yours, you can come do mine! ;) Nice play--QP


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