Monday, April 20, 2009

last call

I know this comes across as desperate. That's because I am!

This lovely necklace is what I want to wear to Trisha's graduation. Think of making a Silpada purchase as treating yourself to a lovely piece of jewelry for my birthday. Your purchase helps me earn this, which means we both come out winners. Now is that so hard? Go ahead, you can do it. There are some really beautiful items and I'm confident that everyone can find something they like. Mother's day is coming! Graduation is coming! A "just because" day is right around the corner! Just visit this sight (easy to navigate) and then contact my consultant, Shannon (who is an absolute delight) to let her know what you want. You will have my deepest appreciation.

Okay, now I'll stop begging--I know it's not becoming and I don't do it well.

Other news? Spring is beautiful here. We're at that "early greening" stage with the dogwood and first iris in bloom. I'm seeing a lot of first light since McKinlee gets me up early, and there's something magical about the hues of this phase of spring at dawn that makes me want to freeze the images. (I can actually do that in my mind without too much trouble. As a senior in high school I remember traveling a road plentiful in dogwood and thinking that I might never see its beauty again at that time of year--several weeks later in northern latitudes--and I burned the scenery into my memory. I can still picture it.) I really need to make a visit to Cheekwood, our local botanical garden, to capture the fullest sweep of what blooms right now. If the weather cooperates I might just head over there this afternoon after making a couple of pastoral calls this morning.

And you--have you had a good weekend? Is spring in bloom where you live? And wouldn't you love a new piece of jewelry?

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Jayne said...

Wish I were more of a jewelry person, but I wear the same pieces every day. I know... boring. :c)

By the way, have been meaning to ask you if you'd be available for lunch with moi in May??? Hubby and I are headed up there for a nice weekend getaway (with Cheekwood on the agenda) and I'd love to have some girl time/lunch with you. I'll give you more details in an email. XOXO


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