Thursday, April 16, 2009

indulge me

There's almost nothing cuter than a new puppy, and McKinlee is no exception. We've had some challenging nights with crating her--her young bladder and bowels don't yet have the control necessary to get through the night, and apparently I am sleeping so soundly that I don't always hear her calls to me to go out. So that last couple of nights she comes to bed. When she wakes up and gets active I know it, and out she goes.

Last night she woke up not long after she had already been out, and I cajoled her into cuddling. She fell asleep with her head resting on my chin (which would have been an awkward looking picture, to say the least), and after a little while I got her to move to a location that was equally cuddly but less intrusive to my sleep.

Gotta love these "awwww" moments.
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Jayne said...

I miss having a pooch, and will someday have another one. :c)


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