Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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So here we are with a view of the chancel of the church, FULLY decked in Easter finery not only with lilies but FIVE stand-alone arrangements. I have never seen the church look so dazzling! Our sunrise service came off without much of a hitch if you don't consider the 40 degree temperatures that blessed the morning. We had 18 in attendance (a great number when you consider that this service has been reprised from ages past), including a visitor! What a hearty soul she was to brave the cold and be part of a community she didn't know. At 10:30 we had two visiting families overloaded with fussy children. Though wailing babies can be an annoying distraction for many, the presence of little ones makes me smile. Self-conscious parents usually tend to the noise before it becomes a problem, and such was the case here. Anyway, we had close to a full house (the front pews almost always go begging, like Elijah's seat at the table), and it was a joy-filled morning.

Switching gears--we had a fabulous time at the Silpada party last night. We were small in number, but mighty in fun. A great benefit of entertaining is that the house gets tidied, and it always looks so much better than its usual state when it is decorated with clutter. Now the dining table is absolutely clear (not to mention that it now wears its spring cloth), and for the time being the kitchen is reasonably tidied (just don't look at the floor, please!).

And here comes the invitation to my readers. There is a necklace that I would love to get to wear to Trisha's graduation next month (Trisha is our soon-to-be future daughter-in-law, if all goes accordingly). It's a departure from my usual style, which is a good thing, and everyone last night thought it looked great around my neck. I NEED YOUR HELP! In order to get this for free I need six more orders for my party. Wouldn't you enjoy freshening up your jewelry collection? Need a gift for someone (mother's day is right around the corner!)? Wouldn't some new bling just make your spring? Please visit my consultant's website to browse the catalog. Click on "contact me" to be in touch with Shannon to place your order. If I can't get the necklace for free I won't be able to get it at all (we have zero discretionary money). Sob!!! I would truly appreciate your assistance and YOU will truly appreciate your new jewelry!!

I'll quit the shameless commercial now and switch to a "rant update." Ken saw our doctor and the podiatrist yesterday. He has inflammation in his lungs, and is heading off to get blood work as we speak. He got a chest x-ray yesterday. The verdict is still out with that. The podiatrist told Ken he's wearing the wrong shoe size! That has led to bone spurs on both heels, a shortened achilles tendon, and a torn tendon in the bottom of his foot. No wonder he's in pain! He's now in orthopedic crocs and feeling much better when he's upright and ambulatory. He's also pitching essentially all of his shoes! And I am feeling better about everything.

Oh, happy day!
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kimquiltz said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS altar!

Kip said...

Your altar looked truly lovely Anne. So glad you had a good day!! Hope things are okay with Ken too.

Jules said...

The church looks so lovely. Glad to hear there is a diagnosis for Ken and now he can get on the road to recovery!

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