Monday, April 13, 2009

rant alert!

I've been looking forward to today for weeks. The day after Easter. Down time. My time.

Tonight I'm hosting a Silpada party (jewelry, for the uninitiated-- and I will gladly take orders for you if you're interested. Go here to check out what they've got. Your order gets mailed to you directly, which is a huge plus!!). Yesterday afternoon I had a brief nap and then took my leisure to begin clearing the living room of clutter. The less I had to do today to get ready for this party, the better. I had every intention of enjoying this day, and this evening.

Then I woke to a poopy puppy and a poopy crate. I usually hear her during the night when she whines, and I don't object to getting up to take her out. It's what moms do. I don't object to cleaning up her poop. But I didn't hear her last night, and this morning it just pulled a plug. I began snarling internally.

I know what's going on. I call it husband interruptus. I anticipate my day going one way and his unexpected presence derails my plan. To be fair, it's not his fault. Ken's been sick for two weeks, though he pushed through the first full week of it with only minor symptoms, and then the second week worked ten-hour days until he woke up coughing blood. Thursday he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis and a sinus infection, with the possibility of strep. And he's got a sore heel, which hurts when he walks. He's entitled to feel crappy, and he's off the hook for not participating in any household responsibility.

I'm cranky because I've just been through the most tiring week of a priest's year without domestic support. Holy Week is a wowzer, with multiple services, multiple sermons, spiritual and emotional highs and lows all rolled into a flurry of days. And still I had to prepare dinner. At least I had the good sense on Easter to make a crockpot meal, so I was able to put it together when I still had some sort of energy. I don't blame Ken for being sick, but I can, and do, feel irritated that he seems so clueless about the care-taking that I might like to receive. An acknowledgement would be sufficient under the circumstances. That's all I'm asking for.

I'm not looking for advice. I know what I need to do. This morning I need to rant. Having done that I will now head to the grocery store for tonight's goodies, finish cleaning the house, and try to salvage some time for myself. Tomorrow I'll tell you about Easter.
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Kip said...

Don't blame you and try and enjoy your day!

Jayne said...

Oh baby, I am so there so many times. And, I am exhausted just being in the choir after this past week. I can't even imagine how YOU feel. Hugs from me... big, warm, appreciative hugs. :c)


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