Thursday, April 09, 2009

if the shoe fits...

Today I am wearing many hats. Or perhaps, to be more theologically in sync, I am wearing many shoes.

I am church administrator, putting together bulletins for tonight and tomorrow, and inserts for Sunday's bulletin.

I am vestry clerk, typing minutes from the last meeting to be sent out to members for proofing before distribution.

I am intercessor, lifting up the concerns of a friend for her colleagues whose positions were terminated yesterday at the hospital where they work. An entire department. History.

I am concerned wife, for a husband whose business and financial concerns are affecting his health.

I am priest, seeking to quiet my soul in mindfulness of the service to which I am called and as underscored in tonight's liturgy and ritual of foot-washing. In that same interest I endeavor to model faithfulness and a spirit of openness to the mysteries that draw us deeper into the heart of God.

I am mother, tending to the needs and training of McKinlee.

I am domestic goddess (it's okay, you can laugh), with vacuum, duster, windex and other sundry cleaning accessories ready to tackle the chaos that has overtaken the house.

I am neighbor, making a trip to Goodwill to take clothing and other items that are more than we need in our life, and baking to express kindness to one recovering from illness.

I am disciple, listening to the life and words of the spiritual master I follow

I am blogger, making an attempt to share my life, my thoughts, my interests and concerns with whomever chooses to be part of that sharing.

There are no doubt other shoes into which I will change this day. Tonight I will go barefoot so that my only role is to be the servant of Christ as I wash the feet of his disciples in my midst. In that vein I ought to go barefoot more often. Priests do have uniforms of a sort, but footwear is not among them.

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Jayne said...

What a beautiful post. And thank you for the intercessory prayers. I can't tell you how sad I've been over the past few days. Had I not already had posts prepared, I doubt I'd have anything to offer up. Hugs to you.

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