Saturday, April 04, 2009

palm saturday

I'm heading out this morning to join some friends at their yard sale. I have about one bag of stuff to sell--we're about yard-saled out at this house after our last one. But I plan to take Pampered Chef stuff, and a Silpada catalog (hosting a part soon!) and maybe I'll get some business. It looks to be a beautiful day, and after the sale is over comes the best part. No, not counting our money, but cooking out!

The only challenge is what to do with McKinlee. I will probably take her with me and take the portable kennel along so that she is not overly confined. But then again...

Have I mentioned how challenging it is to take a shower and dry your hair with a new puppy? Unlike babies these critters are quite mobile! The other day she needed a bit of a rinse herself so she came in with me, but I sure can't do that everytime!

What I want most from this day is to enjoy the everydayness of it. Tomorrow Holy Week begins, and no matter what sort of ordinariness occurs through the week it will be tinged with the hue of this annual, holy, rollercoaster journey. No matter how familiar the events, the readings, the music or the liturgies, it is never the same. We are never the same. That is the awful blessing of it.

But today I'm wearing jeans and working my Pampered Chef business. And loving on my dogs.

Love to you, as well.


Jayne said...

Wasn't just a beautiful day after all the rain we've had this week? :c) Indeed, the roller of Holy Week will begin tomorrow, and with it, the reminder of our humanness. Blessings and love to you my friend.

Mary Beth said...

Awful blessing - great words.


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