Tuesday, April 21, 2009

one day at a time

Disclaimer: the image to the right is not mine. I am posting it as motivation to myself to get back to the discipline of logging daily life through what scrappers have come to know as Project 365. I am almost always better responding to specific criteria when it comes to creating in the scrapping realm than to start with nothing more than photos and perhaps some thoughts for journaling. I get inspired by seeing what other people do, and I am not the least bit above what is called scrap-lifting. The point is to get the job done, as my friend Kathy would say. I also admire how some minds take one person's concept and make it their own, accomplishing the same end. This "January" layout does just that.

This year, at this time in my life I am not sufficiently organized in my mind, or in my work space, to do justice to the notion of P365. But I don't have to. It has already made a difference in capturing some pictures I wouldn't have thought to take otherwise, and inspired another idea that is more important for me at this time.

My mother and brothers have email. My father does not. In an effort to keep him up to date with the details that are worth sharing but seem too mundane to get into over the phone, I have decided to create a synopsis "newsletter" for him. I had thought to do this each week, more in keeping with P365's intent on daily life-logging, but the reality is that it's hard enough to get a monthly newsletter done for the church, never mind a weekly sample to my father. A less regular effort will have to suffice.

And one day, when I finally get my closet overhauled and my workspace begs to be put to creative use (right now it just begs to be cleared), I hope to scrap some of the daily slices of my life. If nothing else those words and images will reflect what has mattered to me, what has surprised and frustrated me, and may, in the end, reveal a journey I would not have recognized otherwise. We'll see.

In the meantime, each day is to be savored. Whether we make it to the end like a race well run, or stumble to its conclusion, it is ours. One sip of coffee, one newspaper-read, one task, one meeting at a time, it is uniquely ours.

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Janet M said...

Good morning Anne, I caved in this year and decided I just wasn't going to do the 365 days this year. Last year I got 3 mos done - next year maybe it will work.
Hugs to you,

Jayne said...

Beautifully written my friend. Today will be savored. XOXO


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