Saturday, September 12, 2009

color me proud!

Bragging rights--you betcha!

In a previous post I noted some of the virtues that I admire about my older brother, Jamie. Well, he shines once again in his professional capacity as a featured remodeler in Sarah Susanka's new book, Not so Big Remodeling. (This is his second appearance in one of Sarah's books, the first being Inside the Not so Big House.)

I have long been an admirer of Jamie's creative edge, which pushes the boundaries just far enough past the conventional to designs that feel familiar and comfortable while still being fresh and exciting. He excells at Craftsman details, and his trademark design style is what I would call an updated mission style. Some years ago I asked him what he considered his hallmark as a remodeling designer, and his answer was that he was "not afraid of a curve." It shows in his work.

Over the years he has refined his approach to design, almost foretelling the green advice to reuse, reduce and recyle. He is a pro at helping people redefine existing space not only for a better look, but for optimal function. His looks are homey and warm, incorporating green technology and expressing the homeowner's lifestyle through color, texture and detail.

I stand in awe, always, of his capacity for originality in design, and his talent to apply his knowledge and experience to serve his customers' varying needs as they seek solutions for their home space. It is gratifying to see him thrive in a field that suits his gifts so well, and even more, to know that his talents are recognized and valued. He has developed a new blog to communicate with his clients and share his thoughts on relevant developments not just in design, but in areas of life that impact how we live. Even if you have no need of his services, I believe there's something of value for most of us in what he includes here.

Way to go, Jamie! You done good.
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Mompriest said...

How wonderful!

Maria said...

How exciting! Seems like talent really runs in your family. I'll go check out his blog too!

Jules said...

WOW...congrats to your brother. I love Craftman homes and how smart of your brother to anticipate the 'green' movement.

Jayne said...

I know you all are so proud of him!

Janet M said...

How exciting for your brother and you! It looks great!
I have to go check his blog out.


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