Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Much as I am committed to the care and nurture of the pups, my endurance is fading. The last time I did this I had the support of Ken and, for several days, Junior and Trisha. It was a shared labor of love. It continues to be a labor of love and a routine has developed that removes a layer of stress. But it is difficult to manage the rest of life (e.g. the other dogs!) and the tasks of my days with a sense that I am doing anything well. By the way, that's Boris to the right. Is he cute or what?

Blessedly I was invited to join some friends last night for dinner. I timed the feedings to bookend my social engagement, which worked well, and it was an evening without stress and a delight to be with friends and eat too much wonderful food. Yolande made me a dazzling gin and tonic offered in a pilsner glass--how's that for a change of pace? My host, Linda, made "roasted tacos," using a beef roast rolled in small corn tortillas and fried (like a tacquito). Lettuce and cheese were available to pile on, and Linda's homemade salsa crowned the taco. Yum! We also enjoyed spanish rice, delicious beans, and a black bean/corn/tomato/onion and cilantro salsa salad topped with avocado. Double Yum! For me there was no such thing as dessert, and I was home and dependent upon a few burps (sorry if that's tmi) before I began to feel relief from my indulgence. It was a superb meal. The change of scenery and the socialiability of the evening proved restorative, and I came home feeling good and with spirits refreshed.

In the sort of timing that one can only laugh about, I was just starting to feed the pups when I went to the door to let in Juliet and Rigel from their little bit of relief. I was greeted immediately with a whiff of skunk, and Juliet was nowhere to be seen. Doggone it! I called and called. No response. I could have gotten in the car and driven through the neighborhood, but in the dark it would be difficult to spot her. I had to trust that she would behave as on occasions past, and respond to the sound of my voice calling her name as I belted it out into the night. I had squealing puppies to feed.

I prayed as I fed, and four puppies later I noted Juliet's shadow outside the door. Thank you, God! I brought her in immediately, and indeed, she had been sprayed. Fortunately it was not as potent a spray as in previous encounters, but she would still need to be bathed. Sigh. Deep sigh! Time to practice mindfulness, and breathe.

A bath later, I was more than ready for bed. I slept fitfully, and this morning the routine begins again, with the addition of cleaning the bathroom and doing additional loads of laundry. I do love my life. Really. I'd just rather do without the skunks. As long as they're around, however, just keep those gin and tonics coming.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am feeling obliged to weigh in on the Obama school address. Can I just say, "what is with you people?" The resistance is beyond ridiculous, and the behavior speaks volumes about ugly traits that reveal some serious immaturity in this country, never mind racism, bigotry, and the very partisanship of which Obama is being unjustly accused. Indoctrination? Please. This is the President of the United States. Consider the weight of the office and the respect due to it if nothing else. Let his voice be heard. If there is something problematic in it then a teachable moment is available to every student and parent to talk about the issue at hand. Show courtesy, respect, and yes, patriotism. If this was G. W. B. (and I don't mean the bridge), not my favorite politican by a long stretch, I think I would actually feel proud of him for stepping up to the plate to say something of value. My very own county is citing a "scheduling conflict" as the reason for not showing the address. Pathetic, cowardly, small-minded, and intentional ignorance are a few of the epithets that come to mind. Get a grip, people!

Okay, I am now off my rant. I'm proud of you, President Obama!


Nancy said...

Loved the rant! Preach it, Sistah!

Jules said...

Ditto what you said. Our national ignorance must be in full moon. Shame shame on those who think Obama's speech is 'socialized preachings'...duh? Stay in school, work hard, you can do it...if that is socialism, bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Amen and AaaaaMEN!

I tuned into his speech just in time, thank you for posting this in your blog, I would have missed it otherwise!

Songbird said...

I agree!!

Mompriest said...

The comments people made on the news here just blew me away - what century are they living in???


some days I really hate it here.

angela said...

We've had a skunk family at our house and the boxers got ahold of one at 4 a.m. one morning. I think it was a baby and sprayed inside Morrison's mouth. I had to peroxide him and the whole house.

I did notice that the speech about education was available on all the kids channels. If he changes/ gives hope to just a few that will be good--particularly I think the pres has a lot to say to inner city kids...and I hope he'll continue after he's president too.

Jayne said...

Sounds like the dinner respite was just what the doctor ordered!
I'm with you about the speech debacle... I have been shaking my head in wonderment. Then hubby reminded me... nothing about this has anything to do with what's good for the country. It's all about discrediting him and pulling him down whenever the opportunity arises in order to regain their power. So sad, yet so true.


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